Minescrafter - Steve and Alex

Are you up for a very dangerous adventure? Hey, Alex and Steve, in this adventure you have to kill the zombies and put the animals in Alex's backpack to save them from this dangerous forest. Save the animals from the forest because there are scary monsters in it and the animals are very scared. Beware, the zombies have set a trap. If you touch it, you will die. in order not to die, but do not touch the traps. Besides this one, you can find many amazing options on our site and each of them promises to bring you the best gaming experience ever. Some of the best choices for you are Noob Steve Parkour and Monster School Parkour Challenge at minecraftgames.net

Instruction: *Move to WASD + Arrow Keys *Double Jump available *Mobile Touch Control *Alex can collect animals. *Steve can shoot zombies with his gun.